Slimming Garri

Slimming Gari is one of the most popular products from Quincy Herbals, a well established Nigerian weight-loss brand that have been in existence for 20 years. It was so named by the company’s clients, for its resemblance to cassava grain (“garri”) , as well as its texture. When added to water, it absorbs water and swells, making you feel full. However it’s sweet tasting, cassava free and not sour. A few of the benefits of this weight loss mix includes: – Increases metabolism, burns fat, curbs appetite and makes you feel full due to its ability to swell and absorb water – Aids to bring about visible weight loss on the scale – Provides more than 20% of the recommended daily fiber intake per serving!! The Fibre blend in this pack actually helps to reduces cholesterol! – Blocks carbohydrates from being fully absorbed and gives you lots of energy!!! – Cleanses and detoxifies your system! It’s Stimulant Free! It has a sweet,non sour orange flavor, and can be either added to water or to juice an hour before a meals, letting the product to take effect. In so doing, you will end up eating less and losing weight while you work!

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