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THE COMPANY :Kolaq herbs limited was established in 1994 after having gone into researches on several ailment affecting the populace of the country. In order to proffer solution to the healing predicament of the people,we came out with herbal remedies that have no side effect to the user and giving a lasting solution to all humanly known ailment. It is obvious that our products have over the years given a big relief to the users and has brought smile to lots of families faces across nation. Our aim is to break new grounds and maintain our reputation in the area of human kind healing by continuing the healing process ‘we treat God heals’. Over the years we have spread out all over the nation we have outlet across the geographical location of nigeria and marketers in virtually all the continent.


According to the world health organization {WHO}traditional medicine could best be described as the sum total of all knowledge and practice used in the diagnosis,prevent and elimination of physical,mental and social imbalances and relying exclusively on practical experience and observation handed down from generation to generation whether verbal or writing. invariable OAU/STRC 1997 describes an herbal medicine practioner as a person who is recognized by the community in which he/she as competent to provide health services by using vegetable {herbs},animals and minerals substance and certain all other mental methods. Those methods are based on social,cultural and religious background as well as knowledge , attitude and beliefs prevalent in the community regarding mental physical and social well-being of the people .


Our corporate head office is situated at 1 Kolaq street,Kolaq bus-stop Denro road ojodu Berger Lagos