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Good for patients with a tingling  feeling on the tip of the penis/vagina opening,Genital(vagina/penis) itching, whittish/yellowish discharge, burning sensation or while urinating,genital warts,genital herpes, testicular  pain or swelling, anal itching.
This herbal formular is good for patients  with (sexual  transmitted  infection  :- staphylococcus  aureus,Gornorrhea,Genital Herpes,  Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, C, Syphilis, HPV,Crab /Pubic Lice, Pelvic inflammatory  disease.

Stimulate ovary function,  regulate menstrual cycle, tube blockage, hormonal in-balance and female sterility. It also prevent fibroid and it is good for a healthy skin for infertility take 4 to 8 weeks.

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LIBiGal capsules
How to satisfy  your woman
Good for patients  with – Weak Erection,Quick Ejaculation, Low sperm count, shrinking manhood, Low sex drive or low sexual appetite:-
Description:-  specially formulated to create stability  for me during sex
It is pure herbal. No chemical combination, no side effects, herbal capsules.
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PROHerbs capsules
Good for patients with:-
Prostate  infection, Prostatis, (use of catheter)  weak erection, quick ejaculation, low sperm  count,  frequent urination, inability  to empty the bladder, painful urination,
Description :- formulated for proper functioning of the reproductive  and excretory  system

It is traditionally used to boost the immune against present and incoming disease. It also normalize blood pressure and strong natural booster.

Good for patients with a tingling  feeling on the tip of the penis/vagina opening,Genital(vagina/penis) itching, whittish/yellowish discharge, burning sensation or while urinating,genital warts,genital herpes, testicular  ... Read More
#27,000 naira
Stimulate ovary function,  regulate menstrual cycle, tube blockage, hormonal in-balance and female sterility. It also prevent fibroid and it is good for a healthy skin for infertility take 4 to 8 weeks.
LIBiGal capsules How to satisfy  your woman Good for patients  with – Weak Erection,Quick Ejaculation, Low sperm count, shrinking manhood, Low sex drive or low sexual appet... Read More
#20,000 naira
PROHerbs capsules Good for patients with:- Prostate  infection, Prostatis, (use of catheter)  weak erection, quick ejaculation, low sperm  count,  frequent urination, inability... Read More
#22,000 naira
It is traditionally used to boost the immune against present and incoming disease. It also normalize blood pressure and strong natural booster.



Low sperm count is the number of sperm cells present in the semen upon microscopic examination. A normal Healthy and fertile man is supposed to have a sperm count of 60million while the motility, that the ability of the sperm to move actively and impregnate a woman is expected to be between %60 – %75.
Low sperm count is usually caused by presence of sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea staphylococcus aureus etc. It could also be caused by problem of malfunctioning testicle ; it is also caused by hot temperature of above 30 degree centigrade when the testis is under such temperature. Low sperm count could be cause by alcoholism as well as excessive intake of antibiotics. Mumps also causes this problem . It is also to note that low sperm count is caused by abuse of HIV drugs. Another cause of low sperm count is hernia problem in man and surgical operation badly done to the reproductive organ, particularly the testes.
1. Inability to go more than one round of sex with partner is one of the first major symptoms of decline in sperm count.
2. Weak erection is another symptom of low sperm count, dead cells in the spermatozoa .
3. Scanty sperm discharge is again noticed when a man has low sperm count problem.



                                                  WEAK ERECTION OR POOR LIBIDO
Weak erection, which is medically referred to as poor libido, is a situation whereby the ,male genital organ is unable to stand erect and strong during sexual intercourse with the opposite sex . That is the erection is not strong enough to penetrate the woman’s vagina effectively during sexual intercourse.
Weak erection or poor libido is usually caused by untreated sexually transmitted disease or poorly treated sexually diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, and staphylococcus, aureus etc. Again if the testicles is functioning below normalcy and sufficient blood does not flow to the organ during intercourse, this problem will arise.
1 Decline in power of sexual instinct responsible for getting the man worked up during sexual acts.
2. Loss of interest in sexual activity and quick of late ejaculation.
3. Inability of genital organ to get raised up properly even in the sight of naked body of the opposite sex.
4. Loss of blood flow to the penal cavity.                                                    
                        HALITOSIS OR BAD MOUTH ODOUR 

Halitosis is a situation whereby a man or a woman emits foul smell from the mouth when talking or yawning. Such smell is so malodorous that it often cause air pollution and at the end causes embarrassment to him or her.

Bad eating habits and poor hygiene are the major causes of halitosis. when once’s mouth is not properly clean and taking care of right from birth, such a person is bound to suffer from halitosis. Halitosis is caused bay consumption of excessive protein gotten from meats, eggs, beans, milk and diary products etc.

1. The mouth stinks each time the victim attempts to talk or yawn
2. The spitted manifests extraordinary malodorus smell
3. Whenever cetain foods like beans, eggs and diary products are consummed, the mouth will emit foul smell
4. General feeling of discomfort in the mouth
5. The mouth keeps producing slippery saliva.


Hypertension is a situation of ill health whereby the heart pumps blood more forcefully to the body, making the arteries carry high pressure blood. It is a situation that makes heart and arteries experience workload of blood pressure.CAUSE:
Hypertension is usually caused by the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels. other causes include; too much thinking resulting from emotional stress, depression and too much fatigue that tends to put the victim under serious tension.

1. Persistent headache
2. dizzyness
3. The eye aches and vision becomes altered
4. General weakness of the body due to the rise in blood pressure of the heart and blood vessels.
5. pesistent sweating
6. Strange noise in the ear at night
7. Insomnia


Diabetes mellitus is a form of disorder in the pancreas owing to excessive consumption of sweetened foods and drinks. This indiscriminate consumption of sugary food and drinks gradually weigh on the pancreas thereby causing disorder. And when this arises the victim finds himself urinating every now and then and his health eventually declines and presence of excessive glucose in the urine.

1. Frequent urination is a major symptom of diabetes mellitus
2. The urination is usually intense and excessive as if the whole bladder is going to be emptied.
3. There is rise in blood pressure.
4. Some takes longer time to heal as a result of rise in blood sugar level, which is necessary for proper living.
5. General body weakness and pains.
6. Ants and insects are quick to infeston the urine when a diabetic patient urinates.
7. Lack of insulin
8. Again if he taste the urine the urine with the tip of the finger, it taste sugary.
9. If the diabetic patient is a woman, she would be experiencing miscarriage each she takes in and if the pregnancy manages to survive a tall, she may have to deliver the baby through caesarian operation.
10. If a man, the diabetic patient stands the risk of low sperm count, impotent and as for a diabetic woman she would be frigid toward sex.
11. Lack of appetite.
12. Loss of weight.



Obesity is a situation whereby a man or woman has excess fat in his or her body. Such weight is usually more than the acceptable range for his or her height and age.

Obesity is caused by poor diet or bad eating habit and lack of exercise. Excessive love for food and drinks is one of the factor of becoming obese. Consumption of too much sugar and starch and having gradual malfunctions are other causes of obesity. Regular accumulation of fats in the body, when such fats are supposed to be burnt through exercise can lead to obesity. Eating late at night encourages obesity because such foods are stored in the tissues, thereby increasing the cholesterol in the body.

1. One of the major symptoms of obesity is formation of excessive fat in the body, which is usually due to high level of cholesterol in the body.
2. Shortness of breath, an obese person can hadly breath confortable for a long period of time.
3. Whenever there is a slight excersion upon the hearth due to involvement in energy sapping , excercise like climbing a staircase the hearht throbs uncontrollably.
4. Illness is experienced time and again due to lack of free flow of oxygen in the body.
5. Vulnerable to hypertension of HBP.
6. Joints and waist pain.



Fibroid, known as false pregnancy is a form of protrusion usually formed within the uterine cavity of a woman with such problem. Known as IJU in Yoruba Language, Fibroid is a female infertility problem that makes the tummy of a woman bulge out as if shes pregnant when in the actual fact she is not.

Fibroid is usually caused by frequent abortion or poorly done abortion.others include irregular menstruation blood clot resulting from miscarriage, obesity and indiscriminate food consumption. Late marriage is another cause of fibroid that is why this problem is common in the east compare to the north and western nigeria where women marry early.

1. Irregular menstration is one of the foremost symptoms of fibriod. The menstration if painful.
2. Protrusion in the tummy is another symptom of fibriod. The protrusion looks like real pregnancy whereas in actual fact the woman is not pregnant.
3. The victim experience stomach upset and sometimes rubbling in the stomach.
4. Hotness of the womb
5. Frequent Miscarriage, Fibroid can hardly allow the fetus to develop when the fibroid victim is pregnant and this leads to miscarriage
6. Menstal flow becomes blacckish and dirty, apart from becoming irregular and painful.
7. The fibroid patient becomes over weight if not obese.
8. Heavy bleeding during menstration.
9. Long time of mentration instead of normal days.
10. At times it can lead to blockages in the fallopian tube.



Staphylococcus aureus is a form of sexually transmitted disease contacted through indiscriminate sex with the opposite sex who is a carrier

Staphylococcus aureus is caused by the presence of coccus in the reproductive organ. This bacterium called caccus, which is   spiral in shape, must have been contacted from the opposite sex during sexual intercourse. The bacterium multiply fast in the body and this explains the treatment of staphylococcus aureus can be very challenging . Staphylococcus aureus can survive dried in dust for many months.

We have already seen that the resistance to antibiotics is readily acquired more especially in hospitals. Penicilin resistant strains always to produce penicilin age. A single lesion of staphylococcus can mutiply from several minllion to one billion.


  1. Pus discharge from the genital organ before and after urine.
  2. Uncomfortable itching on the organ and other parts of the body.
  3. Internal body heat
  4. Pain in the joints\waist pains
  5. Constant headache and sligth fever
  6. Weakness of erection
  7. Low abdominal pains
  8. General body weakness
  9. Watery or low sperm count
  10. Inability to go more than one round

11.Premature or late ejaculation

  1. Profuse sweating even in the cold weather
  2. Rashes develop on the skin
  3. Moving sensation ( that is worm-like) round the body
  4. Irregular menstruation (in case of a woman)
  5. Also vaginal discharge (in case of a woman)
  6. Sore in private part
  7. Incessant boil
  8. Experience pains in the testicle




SYphilis is a sexually transmitted disease contacted through indiscriminate sex with the opposite sex who is a carrier


Syphilis is cause bt the prescence of bacteria Treponema pallidum in the reproductive organ of the victim  who must have contracted the disease form the opposite sex who is a carrier. Treponema pallidum cannot be cultivated and is extremely susceptible to drying (so that it cannot survive outside the body) and to heat. The disease can be reproduced in the chimpanzee and the siprochete will frown in  the antrior chamber of the eye or tests of the rabbit. it is identified by the apperance of sore on the genital organ 2-3 weeks after sexual contact with a carrier. This bore- like sore disappears on  it s own  a few days later, even with treatment there is no gurantee that the disease s gone. Immunology:  a patient suffering from syphilis is immune to re-infection. This immunity, which becomes established as soon as the primary lesion develops, is asscoiated with the apperance of two distinct atntibodies in  the serum namely syphilitic regan and treponema in mobilizing antibody. Syphilis is a master disguise , and there is no symptom it cannot cause. Therem may be extra genital infection on the lips (kissing) mouth, tongue, finger or nipple (nursing an infected child)


  1. Apperance of sore on the genital organ 2-3 weeks after sexual contact with a syphilis disease carrier. This bore-like sore disapperance on its own few days later, even without treatment but there is not gurantee thet the disease is gone
  2. The sore of the feet and the hands begin to develop rashes. This rashes also extend to the skin
  3. The genital organ itches at regular intervals
  4. The syphilitic patient experience slight fever and headache
  5. There is a graudual decline in the sperm count
  6. Premature or late ejaculation is experienced
  7. Watery or low sperm count
  8. Sore throat on the lips is experienced
  9. Pain the joints
  10. Sore appears on the mouth
  11. Paralysis is noticed in the limbs
  12. When suffered for too long, insanity sets in
  13. If the victim is pregnant before being attacked by syphilis (through sexual intercoure), the baby in her womb could be affected and she may end up giving birth to a deformed baby in case of conginental syphilis




Stroke is defined as complete loss of feeling in  any part of the human body resulting from loss of blood in thet area. It is a form of disability to the victim affected.Stroke has a reputation of striking its victim suddenly, making such victim to become helpless, hopeless and useless to both himself and the society


Stroke is usually caused b too much stress, too much thinking, particularly by those who task their brains and bodies simply because they are depressed or that they want ot amass wealth hastlily. Too much sex, fatigue and indulgence in energy sapping task could lead to stroke. In most cases stroke usually result from continuous and persistent hypertensive condition. This a common ailment among the high class in the society, those ministers, bankers, directors in the corridors of power. And again those coporate personalities who work day and night withoit rest.


The permanent remedy for stroke is usually herb and roots. The genesis of ailments include:

  1. The first symptoms is partial loss of feeling in a part or many parts of the body.
  2. Persistent headache and slight fever
  3. General weakness of the body due to fatigue; stress or depressions
  4. Abnormal rise in blood pressure due to workload of the heart and arteries




Cancer is a non- communicable disease that is capable of inflicting its victim ia an part of the body. It is a disease identified with tumor (swelling) in any part of the body affected. The tumor in question usually arises from blocked oxidation  and the build up of toxic substances, thereby depriving the body of the normal circulation of oxygen to the cells and that make-up the affected organ cancer can afflict the victim in any part of the body including the breasts, the lungs, the brain, the stomach, the colon, the kidney, the mouth, the bronches and the respiratory passage.


Heavy smoking of cigarettes, alcoholism, drug addiction and exposure to bad air pollution usually causes cancer of the lung or bronchus and the respiratory passage. Cancer of the mouth could arise from self-medication and consumption of polluted food with seasonings made from synthetics chemicals, particularly those with one flavour or the other. As for breast cancer, it could be hereditary. Women with  a family history of breeast cancer are not free from this terminal disease . Other cause of breast cancer include use of contaminated,  cream on the skin, consumption of bad food, drug, bad water and enviromental pollution, oral contraceptives with high potency of estrogen, early menstruation, inadequate breast feeding, abortion, overweight in pregnancy and the use of tight bras.


  1. Lumps, which may be firm or hard, is usually notice in any part of the body that is affected by cancer.
  2. Constant pains is usually experienced in the cancerous area of the body
  3. Loss of weight is another symptom associated with a cancer victim, due to frequent traumatic experience of pains.
  4. Persistent fever and general weakness of the body.
  5. Finally a cancer patient manifestsmpsychological uneasiness at first sight due to his state of ill healths.





Gonorrhea is a veneral disease contracted through sex with the opposite sex who is a carrier and it is usually identified with its characteristics pus discharge from the genital organ of the affected person. Gonorrhea is popularly referred as “gentles diseases”


Bacteria known as gonococcus cause this gentleman’s disease called gonorrhea. Gonococcus is usually found in warm, moist areas of the urethra and in the cervix.

Common systems associated with gonnorrhea are frequent urination with a burning sensation such urination, pus discharge could be blood discharge.

In cases of women, their discharge is slight but they also experience burning sensation during urination, offensive vaginal discharge and irregular, painful and abnormal menstration.


  1. The first sign of gonorrhea in the body is pain and difficulty when urinating after 2 to 3 days of infection.
  2. A gonorrhea carrier experience burning sensation during urination and pus discharge is usaually noticed after such urination.
  3. There is lack of free flow of urination.
  4. Premature or late ejaculation is experienced when the disease lingers in the body.
  5. The testes become swollen owing to damage in the reproductive organ.
  6. Loss of sexual prowess is experienced.
  7. A gonorrhea carrier discovers that despite frequent sex with partner, she does not get pregnant and in case of woman with gonorrhea, she finds it difficult to take in.
  8. Decline in sperm count
  9. Watery sperm.
  10. Weakness of erection is experienced.
  11. Smelly and offensive vaginal discharge (incase of woman)
  12. Also blockage of uterus and fallopian tube in case of chronic gonorrhea in women.\
  13. Abdominal Pains.
  14. Baby born with blindness is a symptom of gonorrhea presence in woman.




Sexual impotence is the inability to sustain an erection required during sexual intercourse. In medical parlance, it is referred to as dysfunction.

Impotence is described as a total inability to achieve an erection consistently. There are two types of impotence namely; Primary impotence and Secondary impotence.

  1. Primary impotence is one in which the victim has never had an erection since birth.
  2. Secondary Impotence is one which the victim may have been having an erection before satisfying His partner sexually before and also having a fertile reproductive organ before but due to one defect or the other like attack of sexual disease like gonorrhea, syphilis, staphilococcus Aurous etc. He has lost such potency.


Primary impotence is ususally from child birth that is the person was born with it probably due to complication while in the womb during its mother’s pregnancy.

Secondary impotence in this case occur when there is damage to the fibroid tissue of the reproductive organ, often causes include presence of diabetes in the body; kidney disease, chronic  alcholism, surgery (for example prostrate surgery) can injure the arteries and nerves near the penis.

Again the side effects of drugs can cause secondary impotence psychological factors like stress, anxiety depression, guilt and sexual failure too can cause sexual impotence.


  1. The first symptom of sexual impotence is erective dysfunction. The victim discovers that his organ cannot stand erect despite continuous arousal from the opposite sex.
  2. Secondly when a man lacks sexual drive and is continuously interested in sex matter even though his body cannot rise up to the challenge, then he is impotent.
  3. Showing indifference to the mode of appearance of the opposite sex is another symptom of impotence.
  4. Inability of the sexual organs to come alive, no matter the degree of sexual stimulation/arousal.
  5. Loss of feeling in the organ when in physical contact with a woman’s naked body.


Menstrual disorder is a female health problem, which involves an imbalance in the normal menstrual flow. This imbalance in the production of the estrogen and progesterone, which are the hormones responsible for the flow of blood in a woman’s genital organ, is as a result of psychological or physiological problem.


Menstrual disorder could be cause by mental shock or trauma like bereavement. When menstruation becomes irregular, it could be caused by an infection like sexually transmitted disease(STD).


  1. A change in the dates of regular menstrual is one of the foremost symptoms of menstrual disorder.
  2. Another symptom is the irregularity of the colour of the menstrual flow as it becomes blackish and smelly.
  3. In some cases, the menstrual flow comes in a gush and causes pain.
  4. Headache and general weakness of the body is usually experienced.



Acute pile is a form of protrusion associated with discomfort in stooling and when the stooling is eventually done the faces is usually accompanied with mucus and blood.  Acute pile can lead to inaability to have proper erection required for a sound sexual activity. It is a rectum problem, which also affects the blood vessels of the anus.


  1. One of the major symptoms of acute pile is discomfort in the stomach owing to indigestion.
  2.  When stooling, the patient also experiences discomfort hence he tries to stool by forcing the waste out of the anus. This explains why groaning is associated with a victim of acute pile.
  3. Blood and mucus usually accompany the stooling passed.
  4. When suffered for too long the acute pile victim notices protrusion coming out of his anus.



Is a situation whereby an unpleasant smell is coming out of the victim’s mouth and also the present of bad breadth.


It is typically cause by various reason, one which is as a result of system disease in the system of the victim, also poor dental hygiene, bad nutrition, gum disease, tooth decay, heavy mental build up, nose or throat infection, improper diet, constipation etc.



This is the gradual enlargement of the prostrate which is called Benighn Prostrate Hypertrophy. This majorly occurs in men at the later stage of their life.


Enlarge prostrate occurs as a result of previous infection, wear and tear in the human system such as the bladder.


Frequency in passing urine, man find himself rising several times during the night to urinate, Difficulty in starting and stopping urination.


HIV 1 & 2

Univasur contains potent indigenous herbs. It has inhibition effect on HIV-RT of infect Mt4., It has cytotoxicity to Mt4 cells, clinical trial carried out shows that it has strong inhibitory effect in the virus with out any long or short term side effect.